Android Application

Android OS was launched in 2009 by Google. From the beginning, Android OS has picked up its pace across the globe and has arose as a leading market share holder in the mobile cosmos. If you want an evolving mobile application and do not include an android application, you might miss out on the largest sector of the smart phone user market. Aptech Infoway is furthermost experienced android application development company with its development center in India having sales throughout the world.

Our android application development process is very modest and to concede. Our process includes an analysis & conceptualizing, a development part, quality assurance & deployment on server. But we work smart and hard to bring that precision and perfection to your brand image through the application we develop. Having worked on android application development for about 4 years and sample of projects it gave us the control to understand the specifications in and out for any application. Contact us today so we can draft a quotation on the basis of your requirement.


  • Android comparatively has a low barrier to entry. Android provides freely its Software Development Kit (SDK) to the developer community which minimizes the development and licensing costs.
  • The development costs can be divided into three stages: Stage#1 - application development, Stage#2 - testing, and Stage#3 - hardware cost for testing and deploying the android mobile application.
  • Get the open source advantage from licensing, royalty-free, and the best technology framework offered by the Android community. The architecture of the Android SDK is open-source which means you can actually interact with the community for the upcoming expansions of android mobile application development.
  • This is what makes the Android mobile application development platform very attractive for handset manufacturers & wireless operators, which results in a faster development of Android based phones, and better opportunities for developers to earn more. That's the magic of Android.
  • Are you looking for complex technical customization and integration of a web application or just a smartphone application you already have? Yes. Then an android app can be the right solution for you. The entire platform is ready for customization. You can integrate and tweak the mobile app according to your business need.
  • Android is the best mobile platform between the application and processes architecture. Most of the platforms allow background processes helping you to integrate the apps.