Website Application

Web based applications have evolved significantly over recent years and with improvements in security and technology there are plenty of scenarios where traditional software based applications and systems could be improved by migrating them to a web based application.

A web-based application is any application that uses a website as the interface (the front-end). Users access the application from any computer connected to the Internet using a standard browser, instead of using an application that has been installed on their local computer.

Most web based applications are far more compatible across platforms than traditional installed software. Typically the minimum requirement would be a web browser of which there are many. (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape to name but a few). These web browsers are available for a multitude of operating systems and so whether you use Windows, Linux or Mac OS you can still run the web application.


  • Web-based applications are typically deployed on dedicated servers, which are monitored and maintained by experienced server administrators.
  • With web-based applications, users access the system via a uniform environment the web browser.
  • While the user interaction with the application needs to be thoroughly tested on different web browsers, the application itself needs only be developed for a single operating system.
  • There's no need to develop and test it on all possible operating system versions and configurations.
  • Installation and maintenance becomes less complicated.
  • Once a new version or upgrade is installed on the host server, all users can access it straight away.
  • There is no need to upgrade each client PC. Rolling out new software can be accomplished more easily, requiring only that users have up-to-date browsers and plugins.
  • And as the upgrades are only performed by an experienced professional to a single server, the results are more predictable and reliable.
  • In addition to customising content for user groups, content can also be customised for presentation on any device connected to the internet, including PDAs, mobile phones, etc., further extending the user's ability to receive and interact with information.